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Midi Translator and Daslight (Software)

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Midi Translator and Daslight (Software)

Post by Laurent » Tue Oct 10, 2006 5:15 pm

Hello everybody

I have the following problem:
I am using a software to control light effects (You know them from disco). With this one i can assign Shortcuts for functions. The Software is freeware: (I´m using the Daslight Virtual Controller 2)
Further I have a USB Midi keyboard, with which I would like to produce the Keystrokes. This does not function with the daslight-software.

I checked if the shortcuts sent from the PS2 Keyboard work with the daslight software ⇒ it works.
I checked if the shortcuts sent from the Midi Translator work with e.g. the windows notepad ⇒ it works.
My question is: does anybody know why the combination of booth doesn´t work?

Ist it possible to translate the midi messages as long a i press a button on the midi keyboard. At the moment the Midi Translator translate the message only one time if i press a button on the midi keyboard. ☹

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Post by florian » Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:21 am

Hi Laurent,

1) keystrokes do not get recognized by dashlight software
This probably has to do with a different way of detecting the keystrokes. Windows offers several ways how a program can get the keystrokes, e.g. by way of WM_ messages, DirectInput and hooks. Currently, MT will only serve the WM_ messages currently, but a special keyboard driver is already prepared for a later version of Midi Translator so that all applications will get the key strokes. You can subscribe to the announcement list to get an email when a new version of MT is released.

2) translate messages as long as button is pressed
As you may have noticed, MIDI only sends one message upon pressing the button, and a second message upon releasing the button. The upcoming "Midi Translator Pro" has a timer feature, with which you can easily set up auto repeat for Outgoing Actions.


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