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Kaoss Pad (KP2 or KP3) - Program Change to Tempo in Ableton Live

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Kaoss Pad (KP2 or KP3) - Program Change to Tempo in Ableton Live

Post by WilliamWilfred » Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:28 am


Ive been trying to solve this problem for YEARS. I would like to use the Korg Kaoss Pad to control Abletons Tempo. There is a continuous controller knob on both the KP2 and KP3 that could maybe accomplish this. This program change knob is set to send out pitch bend information by default. However, using Bome Midi Translator Ive been able to change this pitch bend information to CC, and thus use the Kaoss Pads continuous knob to increase or decrease the tempo. GREAT! However, the problem is that once the Kaoss Pad reaches its maximum value of 99, it resets to 0, thus radically dropping the tempo to the beginning value (the same is true if I lower the tempo and hit the minimum value of ¨0, in which case the value jumps forward to 99, thus radically increasing the tempo in Ableton). In other words, it loops back to 0 once it reaches 99, and loops ahead to 99 once it reaches 0. I need this LOOPING to stop.

I think what I need the Kaoss Pad's program change knob to do is either A) continue increasing beyond the 99 value (which may be impossible), B) Stop at 99 and be prevented from cycling back to 0, or C) Transmit simple on/off messages (i.e. forward or back) which I can assign to some kind of Max for Live tempo up/down buttons.

Is there a way to do this with Bome?

Ive been struggling with this for years, and would be overjoyed to find a solution. I really need continuous tempo control with this program change knob...



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