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The Feature Request List

General discussion about using Restorator.

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The Feature Request List

Post by florian » Sun May 22, 2005 1:54 pm

This is supposed to be a growing list of feature requests. Please post new feature requests in new topics and I'll add the "approved" feature requests to this list, including the implementation status.

Support for extracting images of image lists in Delphi Forms
Status: accepted

in GUI dialog editor, allow adding new controls
Status: accepted

Show RCData Forms visually in a windows
Status: accepted

Support for Vista resources
Status: accepted

Option to have Restorator AlwaysOnTop
Status: available since Restorator 2007

Option to ask for folder for Extract All Resources
Status: available since Restorator 2007

When importing RC string files, only overwrite the strings in the RC file
Do not delete any strings in the block that is changed.
Status: available since Restorator 2007

Support for 64-bit files
Status: available since Restorator 2007

Editor for Message Table resources
Status: planned for the next major version

Opening multiple files with one OpenFileDialog
Status: available since Restorator 2006

Option to not show splash screen on startup
Status: available since 2005 Update 1
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Post by totoymola » Wed May 25, 2005 5:59 am

Thanks for that. :D

And thank you for granting my request on this build. (UPX, multi-instance, etc..) :)