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Midi drivers cables and hosts for cs1x

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Midi drivers cables and hosts for cs1x

Post by Tundra444 » Mon Nov 26, 2007 2:32 pm

Hello Everyone.

I have a question: I have a midi to usb cable, I have pooled all the resources for the Yamaha cs1x including the cbx drivers from Yamaha. ... r/cbx.html

Do I need the pc host cable as well? I am new to midi but used to usb/midi controllers to pc, using Ableton live 6 with lots of Vsti's so have a pretty good feel for what I am supposed to be doing, but can someone give me better guidance as nothing is really happening at the moment.

I would like to use my cs1x as a midi controller and I have an old working windows 98 laptop also which I could use to run cs1x edit and other patch set up utilities, what is the low down ?

Cheeeeeeeeers :mrgreen:

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Post by florian » Mon Nov 26, 2007 11:35 pm


that should work without problems on the laptop. Make sure it's "Windows 98 SE" for full USB support. Then you don't need the ToHost stuff, just connect the USB MIDI cable to the MIDI ports at the CS1x and that should be it. Make sure to connect both the USB cable's MIDI OUT to CS1x's MIDI IN, and the USB's MIDI OUT to CS1x's MIDI IN.

If that doesn't work, please give details what exactly is working and what's not...


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Midi cables and CS1x

Post by Tundra444 » Mon Dec 10, 2007 8:04 am

Thankyou for your quick reply, I did'nt know if anyone was still errrre.

I finally gave up on the cable's I bought from e-bay, decided they were cheap and nasty and most probably badly made,

I turned to my best instincts and bought an M-audio midi sport hub, which runs on bus power and sports a quick exchange of midi data.

I'm working with Ableton Live 6, and it's working really well, I'm using 'Tune em Up' for Cs1x and it's great being able to try new sounds, I can see the benefit of using CS1x edit though with it's mini midi keyboard.

I reckon I'm gonna try lot's and lot's of new layers on the 'X' there is still plenty to be explored from all of the XG sounds.

The great thing about using Ableton, is the routing possabilities for the 'X' it's also very easy to work the audio output and another 'VSTi' from the 'X' together to get great large pad sounds, which free up a bit of cpu, Otherwise you have to tirelessly route midi to audio and duplicate midi clips for half the session to free the space, no doubt this is a common ellement of using an outboard synthesizer, but being a bit of a newbie, I couldn't see that one..

Any way cheers for the help, and I am all ears for the retro, Yamaha synth club. Perhaps that is how this forum should develop. What say..... 'Digital/Analogue/Retro' I like it.

We should include advice on all the other 'X' Yamaha's at least.


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Re: Midi drivers cables and hosts for cs1x

Post by Rob182 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:02 am

Also, the RM1x is known to work and thus the CS1x, CS2x and CS6x and
2.1 DO NOT Install the Yamaha Generic MIDI driver!
After installing the driver, plug the USB cable into your synth and the
What you need to do in this step is to enable MIDI reception for the USB to host connection.