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probably user error, and not a bug...

General discussion about Bome's Mouse Keyboard

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probably user error, and not a bug...

Post by org12 » Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:31 am

ok. i downloaded, installed, and played the bome keyboard successfully. The trouble comes in when I try to use this virtual midi keyboard as a midi controller for Reason. I downloaded and installed LoopBe Internal MIDI/2-LoopBe Internal MIDI b/c a tutorial told me to. There were other options, but I went with LoopBe. According to the tutorial, all I had to do next was select LoopBe as my MIDI out... leave my MIDI in as none... and set up Reason to recognize it as the master keyboard via edit preferences... etc etc. After doing all of this, my keyboard, which was previously making sounds as an independent device, is now silent. Reason isn't affected by this thing at all.

Please help!!! Where have I gone wrong???

Reason 5.0
Bome's Mouse Keyboard
Windows 7
Dell Studio
Volume is up, lol.