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Alternative Note Layout on Computer Keyboard

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 6:42 pm
by Nigel
I'm a concertina player and would like to be able to change the way the notes are mapped(?) to the computer keyboard. The computer keyboard would suit a 'hayden duet' system really well - and could be easier to play that way than trying to model a piano. The standard hayden layout can be seen at ... den-46.gif but would need adapting slighty. I'd be happy to work out the adaptation. Is there an easy way to change which note sounds when a computer keyboard key is pressed?

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 4:35 pm
by florian
Hi Nigel,

sorry for the late reply (I was in vacation). Such a customizable map would be nice and is already on the feature request list. I'll add a note about such a hayden layout.


Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2007 12:04 am
by Nigel
Any progress on this yet? I'll work out a possible layout diagram, but I don't know quite enough about which of the keys I could use. Is there some information about programming a computer keyboard to play the soundcard midi that anyone can point me to?

This feature would make the Bome Mouse Keyboard ESSENTIAL to the online concertina community. Concertinas come in all sorts of layouts. Currently you have to buy a concertina before you can see if the layout suits you.

If you can implement this, you're practically guaranteed a link from every concertina related site on the internet.

Another layout suggestion that might work is the 'uniform keyboard'
Again, this would really get some interest.

All the best,


Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 11:55 am
by florian
Hi Nigel,

unfortunately, not much progress yet on this feature. I guess the hardest aspect is how to represent it to the user...

But it would be very interesting to have it in MK. The Janko uniform keyboard is very interesting!

As for trying yourself, the only possibility I can think of is "Midi Translator Pro":

It provides a generic interface for converting keystrokes to MIDI messages. You'll need to define one "Translator" per key: incoming will be the key you want to define, and outgoing will be the MIDI message you want to send.

Hope that helps, let us know if MT helps you. I can post Midi Translator presets if you have made a useful key layout...