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check out this ableton mod i created...

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check out this ableton mod i created...

Post by ben_blue » Mon Nov 27, 2006 8:29 am

becuase i want to clean it up and do it all within one or two presets. Florian is such a wiz i'm sure he tell me how easily!

basically i have 4 midi buttons that correspond to four tracks on Ableton. Upon pressing one, allocated knobs then control parallel parameters on that track.

example: press button 2, and knob 1 controls send 1 on track 2.
press button 3, and knob 1 controls send 1 on track 3.
etc, as there are more knobs.

When u press one of those select buttons, besides determining what track's FX you are tweaking, it also visually selects the track in Live. So i made another button that toggles that visual selection on or off, retaining all the other functionality.

right now this is all 8 presets. 4 with visual selection, 4 without. selecting track 2 switches to preset 2, etc. hitting the visual selection toggle button switches to a copy of preset 2, minus that command. then there had to be a translator to the OTHER non- visual selection presets, as well as a translator to go BACK to the other ones.

make sense?

i'd liek to get it all done using stopping translating, but couldnt get there.

I dont know if this is enough info, i'd think u need the presets and maybe even the ableton file...

i'll just post it all in case it helps.

here is the als and presets.

here is the ableton topic: ... 27ccb730d8

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Post by florian » Mon Nov 27, 2006 11:55 am


thanks for this cool project file. I wasn't able to optimize it, except when using Midi Translator Pro: then you only need 1 preset. The global variable "gt" is used for track selection, and "gs" for selecting visual vs. non-visual mode: if gs is 1, it's non-visual mode, otherwise it's visual mode.

The Pro edition's Rules feature is used to implement the functionality:
  • when selecting a track, the variable gt is set to the respective value (0,1,2, or 3)
  • when selecting a track, the outgoing action (which visually selects the track in Live) is only executed if gs is not 1. I use the following conditional rule:
    IF gs = 1 THEN skip rules, do not execute outgoing action
  • when translating a controller, the first command byte (B0, B1, etc. for CC on channel 1, channel 2, ...) is replaced with the variable qq, which is calculated in the Rules as "qq = 0xB0 + gt".
You can download this preset for MT pro (including a cleaned version of Ben's preset, plus a small readme file) here: ...

Let me know how it works!

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