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How to reduce the movements of a knob (6 x 360 °!)

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How to reduce the movements of a knob (6 x 360 °!)

Post by skondbush » Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:08 pm

I have to do 6 times 360 ° with my knob to increase the volume of a sample in Live 6 !

I would like do reduce this movement.
For example moving from 0 ° to 90° (0 Hours to 3 Hours) would push my volume from 0 to Max.

Is it possible ?

I use my POD XT Live (just to test the program, not for playing really my guitar) to send midi information through Midi Yoke and to control the volume of a sample in Ableton Live 6.

It work very fine but I would like to reduce the movements of my control knob to do the same action.

It is a endless knob.

This knob send B0 72 00 to B0 72 79 at the highest value.
(CC #1: Controler 114, oo)

Thanks for your advice.

Roland from Brussels.

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Post by florian » Thu Nov 16, 2006 12:36 am

Hi Roland,

if the endless knob sends one MIDI message if you turn right, and another MIDI message when you turn it left, then as a simple solution, you can use Midi Translator (MT) to repeat those messages, e.g. create a translator like this:

OUTGOING: MIDI B0 72 pp B0 72 pp B0 72 pp B0 72 pp

This translator will send 4 times the controller message, quadrupling any little movement of the knob. If you need faster knob movement, add even more messages to the OUTGOING text. You can probably use running status, too:
OUTGOING: MIDI B0 72 pp 72 pp 72 pp 72 pp

In this example, and the following example, you need to use a virtual MIDI cable like Yoke as output and use that one as input in Live. Select your MIDI device as input in MT. Enable Options | MIDI Thru in Midi Translator to pass through any other incoming MIDI messages.

If the knob sends absolute position, things get a little more tricky. The following solution only works with Midi Translator Pro:

OPTIONS: uncheck "output both incoming and translated message"
pp = pp * 4
IF pp > 127 THEN pp = 127

This translator will receive the controller message and multiple the value by 4. An extra IF rule will make sure that the value will never exceed the allowable range of 0...127. You can adjust the multiplyer to make the effect more or less drastic.

Does that work?

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