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change value without changing presets?

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change value without changing presets?

Post by -fortune- » Fri Oct 27, 2006 7:43 pm

Hi Florian. I would like to change the value of a knob with a button without changing the preset, but i think it's not possible with 1.5 pro, why don't have a conditional rules to do that?

something like this:
knob: BF 02 oo
button: BF 01 oo

IF Incoming=BF 01 7F THEN BF 02 oo --> BF 03 oo
IF Incoming=BF 01 00 THEN BF 02 oo --> no change

and another question, if i purchased MIDI TRANSLATOR in april-may how much i must pay for the final release of 1.5 pro?


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Post by florian » Tue Oct 31, 2006 2:53 pm


if I understand correctly, you want to do a sort of a shift key for the controller?

You can use global variables for that:

Translator 1: button handling
IN MIDI=BF 01 pp
IF pp=7F THEN ga=03
IF pp=00 THEN ga=02
OUT: <nothing>

Translator 2: knob handling
IN MIDI=BF 02 pp
IF ga=0 THEN ga=02

The rule in Translator 2 is only necessary to initialize ga at start-up.

If you have purchased MIDI Translator at any time, you can get an upgrade to the current beta version (including the upgrade to the final PRO version) for EUR 30:


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