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If..Then formulas

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If..Then formulas

Post by djfresha » Fri Jul 21, 2006 1:49 am

Hi Florian, just another query. If it's possible, could an extra function be added where you could have an If..Then statement? Reason being is that I'm trying to set up LED lights on a BCD2000 unit for Traktor 3 (again) and would love to do it so an If'' statement cold be used for LED modes. Reason for this is that each effect in Traktor 3 has either 3 or 4 LED modes for on/off buttons, and when you switch an effect, T3 allows the LEDs in the software to stay on, but the BCD doesn't understand what to do (as I cannot program this in) - what I want to do is say I have 3 effeect with 4 LED buttons, means 12 different possible modes ie:

0= off, 1= on

0000, 0001, 0010, 0100,
1000, 1001, 1010, 1100,
1101, 1011, 0111, 1111

or 3 LED buttons meaning 8 possible modes. Now with the IF..statement I want to have variables floating around ie effectonebuttononemode = 0, but if i press the button the value becomes 1 (for on in MT), now what i want to do next is switch template to a different effect n T3, and get MT to 'read' the IF statement checking the buttonvariables state ie:

have effectonebuttonone off, variable XX = 0: variable XX = 1 when i press effectonebuttonone on, then switch template with template switcherbutton to effect2, process an IF statement using a timer of 1ms to read the variable XX when i pres the switchbacktoeffectonetemplate button and if XX = 1 then send midi message to the BCD LED to turn on. If XX = 0 then LED is off.

I would set up a variable for each LED button, and need 2 IF statements so that an LED on/off state can be recognised by my BCD unit. Its so that i can match up the LEDs on T3 screen to my LED buttons on the unit itself - obviously if i pres the button on screen T3 wont send back an the LEDs on BCD wont match, but I'm trying to use T3 with my BCD with as little mouse control as possible, all i want the mouse for is for dragging files to the decks, or fast cue hunting. Be absolute killer if you could add this option in, for pure logic functionality. Could you let me know if possible?
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Post by florian » Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:02 pm

hmmm, for some reason I've never seen this post!

Anyway, what you describe should be easily possible with Midi Translator Pro's "Rules". You can use global variables ("ga", "gb", "gc"...) for your task. The local variables ("oo", "pp", "qq", ...) are only useful inside a Translator and will be reset with the next Translator.


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