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BCD2000 rotary controls + Ableton live jog functions

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BCD2000 rotary controls + Ableton live jog functions

Post by josephperkins » Fri Jun 23, 2006 10:55 am

Hi people

I'm using the BCD2000 with Traktor 3 using DJFresha's setup and midi tranlator 1.5beta (which i'll be upgarding to pro when possible).

Everything works fine no props -

After going to the sonar festival in Barcalona, and watching the guys using Ableton live, I want to change my setup.

my question is how to get the rotary dials of the BCD2000 working with abletons jog features. It's not just a case of assigning the rotary control, as the BCD2000 sends out the wrong midi messages (Hence with traktor 3)

Does anyone know the CC values that ableton uses for the jog wheels.


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Post by florian » Fri Jun 23, 2006 2:25 pm


I tried to work on these things with the Ableton guys, but so far with little success. Anyway, you should try the Ableton Live message board.


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Post by djfresha » Fri Jul 07, 2006 4:41 pm

Ez Joe - I'm gonna look into it this weekend for you - got Ableton 5 now and will start messing around with samples etc for you.
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Post by josephperkins » Tue Jul 11, 2006 4:03 pm

The xone 3d by allen & heath has jog wheels integrated to the mix. These are made specially to adjust the start and end of the clip.

Surely all we need to do is find out the output of the xone 3d in terms of midi cc values

Are the ableton holding back info because they have formed a relationship with allen & heath?

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