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Question about Left & Right keyboard directions mapping

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Question about Left & Right keyboard directions mapping

Post by Darrel » Tue Nov 13, 2007 2:51 pm

Hello! I've like to thank FLorian & the team for assembling such useful tools!

I've been using Midi translator classic, and its a great piece of software.

However, i tried to map the left and right functions of my keyboard to my midi controller for use with an audio editing program, and they seem to not work in the wave form display field when moving in between audio slices, but it works wheni'm navigating through, files, edit,options, preferences, etc..

Is there a specific reason for this? Those are the only two functions i have to reach the keyboard for, and if theres a work around, could anyone instruct me on what to do?i have carpel tunnel syndrome so some must no how hard it is for me to keepp reaching back and forth from my drum pad controller to my keyboard...


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Post by florian » Thu Nov 15, 2007 4:45 pm

Hi Darrel,

I'm glad you've found MT to work around using the keyboard!

Regarding your problem, there are reports that MT's keystroke simulation does not work with Wavelab (and most games). These apps use a "direct" way of accessing the keyboard so that they do not see MT's generated keyboard events.

We're working on a driver to be included with MT so that these apps will see MT's keystrokes. That's a feature to come after the upcoming release.

You can watch this topic for updates:


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