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BCD2000 jog wheels and TORQ.

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BCD2000 jog wheels and TORQ.

Post by djvak » Thu Oct 25, 2007 7:12 pm

Hi there guys, greetings from Chile.

I've been reading this forum, and many other at the native instruments site, trying to figure out how to get the jog wheels work for seek and scratch with the BCD2000 and TORQ.

So far, I've learned that the BCD wheels sends a 65 when they are turned to right (slow) and several 65's when they are turned faster to the right. The same thing but with a 64 value when they are turned to the left. (B0 13 41 & B0 13 40) respectively.

Torq user guide says the following:

"DJ oriented MIDI controllers with turntable platters
will vary in how they handle scratching and nudging.
Certain products will allow you to control only
nudging, while others (such as the M-Audio Xponent)
will allow you to control both nudging and scratching.
Refer to the product’s user guide to learn if each
turntable platter is capable of sending out both MIDI
note and CC information. If so, assign each turntable’s
MIDI note and CC commands to the corresponding
Main Waveform Display in Torq (this is done using
the “MIDI Learn” feature described in the MIDI
Preferences section of this guide).
If your turntable can only send out MIDI CC
information but not MIDI note data (i.e., the turntable
is not touch sensitive), then you will only be able to
control nudging. Assign the turntable’s MIDI CC
output to control the corresponding Main Waveform
Display in Torq"

According to this, it looks like this wheels will only work for nudging, and not for scratching, but making a little research, I've found that the difference between this controller and the TORQ Xponent wheels (natively supported for torq) is that Xponent send the CC signal while a note is pressed. Am I right?

I've also found that the manual of Xponent describes midi mapping for the wheels like this:

Scratch Wheel--rotate CC-RELATIVE MIDICHANNEL-1 CC-22

Scratch Wheel--rotate CC-RELATIVE MIDICHANNEL-2 CC-22

I'm wondering if there's any way to make this wotk with the BCD2000 & MidiTranslator?
Do I have to use any shift-key combination to switch between seek/scratch? Well, actually I just need to seek the songs for setting the cue points, not really scratching, but doing both things will be cool.

Many thanks in advance, and please sorry for my english.


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Post by florian » Mon Oct 29, 2007 4:34 pm

I answered to this double posting in

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