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ableton/uc33 with bcr2000 prob. hellpp

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ableton/uc33 with bcr2000 prob. hellpp

Post by figure » Sun Oct 14, 2007 1:59 am

ok so i have a uc33 and a bcr 2000 hooked up ...controlling diff things.
my prob is that some of the midi notes are the same on both.. meaning...ill turn a eq knob on the uc33 and itll turn a send a knob on my bcr 2000.
i need to know how to rename all the midi notes from my bcr 2000 into newer higher cc numbers so it wont effect my uc33 e. helpsss!

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Post by florian » Wed Oct 17, 2007 7:35 am

Yes, you can use Midi Translator for that (classic version is sufficient): the most used MIDI configuration:
configure it as "man in the middle" between the BCR2000 and Ableton Live:

BCR2000 -> MT -> Virtual MIDI -> Ableton

You need a virtual MIDI cable like Yoke (see a list of other MIDI drivers).

In MT:

In Ableton:
Unselect BCR2000 as MIDI IN
Select Yoke 1 as MIDI IN

Now you can create mappings in MT for every controller message (use Add Translator, and Edit Translator, there use the capture function).

Hope that helps!

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