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Using MT and Mouse Keyboard together

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Using MT and Mouse Keyboard together

Post by bishop813 » Tue Sep 18, 2007 2:53 am

I am trying to use a P5 Virtual Glove to control Reason 3.0 using Midi Translator and Mouse Keyboard.

The P5 is a game controller so I am running it thru a program writtten by Nic Fournel. I am trying to use MT to play synths in Reason. The problem I am running into is I can't get, for example, MT to translate "Q" as C1 on the Mouse Keyboard.

My overall objective is to play "Air Piano"

Please Help


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Post by florian » Tue Sep 18, 2007 1:38 pm

Hi Bishop,

so if I understand correctly, you want this setup:

Virtual Glove
-> Midi Translator (MT): MIDI to keystroke
---> Mouse Keyboard (MK): keystrokes to MIDI
-----> Reason receiving MIDI from Mouse Keyboard

I have never tried controlling MK with emulated keystrokes, but there is one problem: currently, the keystrokes are only sent to the currently active application. Now when Reason is active, it will receive the "Q" keystroke instead of MK.

Anyway, there is an easier way: since MK can use MIDI INPUT, you can send MIDI to MK instead of keystrokes. And once you're that far, you can cut out MK completely and let MT send the MIDI messages directly to Reason.

The way to go is to use the same virtual MIDI cable that you used to connect MK to Reason as MIDI OUT in MT. Then, define suitable MIDI messages in response to the Glove's incoming events. E.g. an outgoing MIDI message "90 40 7F" will start a note some, "90 40 00" will stop it.

Let us know how that works! Air Piano sounds cool 8)

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