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set note off delay without hung notes

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set note off delay without hung notes

Post by Thom » Fri Aug 24, 2007 3:40 pm

Hi, I've got a drum pad controller that outputs a note on when a pad is hit, and then follows with a note off. The time between the note on and off is very short and causing inconsistent responses in the sound source I am triggering. As a solution I wanted to delay the note off event with a set value of my choosing.

I think I have successfully set up a test preset in Bome MT Pro that will respond to a key stroke by sending a note on and trigger a delay which then triggers a corresponding note off.

There seems to be a problem however, when more than one note on is received before the delay has triggered the note off it causes hung note on's. Is there some way of preventing these hung notes from occuring?

Many thanks!

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Post by florian » Sat Sep 01, 2007 10:20 pm


I assume you assign the note number to a global variable, and the note off timer will then issue a note off on that global note.

Now if you trigger a new note before the previous note's timer expired, 2 things happen:

1) the global variable is overwritten with the new note number. This causes the note off timer to finish the new note instead of finishing the old note.

2) starting a timer that is already active will re-start it, so your original timer will be replaced by the new one, because it has the same name.

So what you'd really need is a "delay output action by ... milliseconds" instead of the timer feature. Unfortunately, that does not exist (yet) in MT Pro.

The only solution I can currently see is that you duplicate your 2 translator entries for every drum pad. Then change the global variable name and the timer names so that each drum pad has its own timer and its own global variable. Probably you won't need the global variables anymore, because you can hardcode the MIDI messages then.

Maybe someone else finds a more satisfying solution?


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