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has anyone got a setup patch for beringher fbc1010

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has anyone got a setup patch for beringher fbc1010

Post by martynhederson » Sun May 20, 2007 3:10 pm

hi i want to use the fbc10 10 to control keystroke functions when using ableton has anyone got a patch/ ideas for setting up the beringher and midi translator and ableton

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FCB 1010 and Bome's

Post by Heavenstorm » Fri Jun 01, 2007 9:41 pm

I actually use the FCB 1010 live on stage at church using BMT.
I use it to layer sounds on a Fantom X7.
I assigned the pedals to transmit notes. Then I set up MT to receive the notes and run a routine that allows me to toggle sysex messages.

I used MIDI OX to keep everything straight. You don't want that data to go where it doesn't belong. The FCB 1010 is set to transmit on channel 1, and is connected to the MIDI Input of the computer.

A second controller (USB) is configured to send data on all channels to the X7, so I didn't have to merge it with other equipment. If you have to merge it, keep in mind the FCB 1010 has a design flaw in it. (I thought it was a defect so I tried it on other pedals at Guitar Center with the same result. (Hopefully Beringer has made improvements). Every 2 or so presses of the pedal results in a unwanted message (I think it's a program change message), so I used MT to filter it out with no problems. This became evident when I tried to use the X7's internal sequencer to trigger sysex events using the FCB's note data.

It should be easy to turn notes into keystrokes using MT Pro using the FCB 1010.


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UnO solves the merge

Post by nitefly » Wed Jun 06, 2007 2:19 pm

Hi !

Just as a side note, the merge problem of the FCB1010 can be solved by using the unofficial firmware developed by ossandust. This firmware is widely used by FCB owners and contains also a lot of other useful enhancements. See for more information.

best regards

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