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Using MC 505 Groovebox to control VSTi pitch bend

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Using MC 505 Groovebox to control VSTi pitch bend

Post by sherif » Mon May 08, 2006 8:27 pm

Hi Folks. I'm new to MT so could do with some basic help. I use the MC 505 live to trigger sounds and samples in Ableton Live plus virtual instruments - all which works fine. However, I want to use one of the knobs (the LFO depth) to control pitch bend on the VSTi.
MT recognises the input as Control change:controller oo, value 0, channel 1.
B1 oo 00. The knob goes from B0 50 01 (panned left) to B0 50 40(panned right).
I've set up the outgoing message to be E0 v1 v2 which I believe is pitch bend but when pressing apply the error message appears saying "v1 is not a vaild variable"

Can anyone help and explain what I'm doing wrong?

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Post by florian » Tue May 09, 2006 7:36 am

Hi sherif,

interesting that the PAN values on the MC505 goes from 01 to 40. MIDI standard would be 0...7F.

Anyway, there is a problem of mapping the values: pitch bend uses two 7-bit values to form a signed 14-bit value going from -8192 to +8191 (hexadecimal: v1=00 v2=00 to v1=7F v2=7F). Controllers usually go from 0 to 7F, which can be mapped OK to pitch bend:

Incoming: B1 50 pp
Outgoing: E0 00 pp

But if your MC 505 really has a maximum value of 40, then you will only achieve (minimum pitch bend) to (no pitch bend).

Just try it and let us know here how it works!


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