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MTP and Virtual Organs (02/04/2007)

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Peter Nicholson 2
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MTP and Virtual Organs (02/04/2007)

Post by Peter Nicholson 2 » Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:39 pm

Hello Florian

I have been evaluating Midi Translator Pro for the last 10 days, and
am delighted with its’ scope and performance. :D
I have sent my order and payment earlier this evening, (02/04/2007).

I am using MTP to control many features of a
virtual (three manuals + pedal board),
Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.
These include 52 general pistons, and 2 Swells (Main and Solo).
Whilst I could control the pistons via keyboard shortcuts, I also
run Adobe Reader to display “Sheet Music” on screen while I am
However, a problem arises when one does this.

One can only change pistons, with keyboard shortcuts, when the
virtual organ is the active window. So, if I have the music on
screen, and wish to use a shortcut to change a piston, then I have
to change the active window back to the virtual organ (using Alt +
Tab). This is a pain!
If one has the sheet music on screen, then the only way to change
pistons is to use midi messages, which I can do. This does not
require the virtual organ to be the active screen.
I have therefore used MTP to translate 52 keyboard shortcuts to midi
I use alpha keys (A-Z) and Shift + (A-Z), and, of course, more
could be used.
This all works extremely well.

I have also set up 10 Preset Volumes for each Swell (Main and Solo),
using MTP.
To do this I have used Keys (1—0), and Keys (Num1—Num 0). This also
works well.

I now look forward to exploring MTP further.


Peter Nicholson

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Post by florian » Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:46 am

Hi Peter,

sounds like a great setup! Would you mind sending the .bmtp file to me so that I can offer it for download?


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