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Please help. Can MIDI Translator be used for this purpose?

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Please help. Can MIDI Translator be used for this purpose?

Post by SheilaJ » Fri Feb 03, 2006 6:47 pm

Hi everyone. I'm working on a class excercise for Music Lab. This project involves the following MIDI file. You can download it from my brothers friends website... ... cLab11.MID

The teacher asked for us to identify the function of control numbers 21 and 22. My belief is control 21 has a value that matches an upcoming note number (note-on event) and the following, matching, control 22 is a backup to the preceeding control 21 (insuring a note-off). Their primary purpose (again I think I'm right) is to remove only the note number within their range. This can be confirmed as the MIDI file plays terribly unless I manually remove the notes that match each 21 and 22 values.

Now I would like to see if MIDI Translator can be used to eliminate unwanted events using the Control functions. I know this is more a project for a MIDI filter, but I don't know where to start and since this site has a forum thought I'd start here. You can easily see the two control functions, 21 and 22, are used to remove unwanted events. Possible the idea is to use a filter or translator of some sort to accomplish the task of removing the unwanted notes/events. Although I believe I have met the requirements for this lab, I'm assured a 100% if I can also find a way to automatically remove the events using the controls the teacher provides. It is immparative not to remove notes outside the range of each matching 21 and 22 control. Any help is sincerely appreciated! Thank you! Sheila :wink:

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Post by florian » Sat Feb 04, 2006 11:21 am

Hi Sheila,

afaik, controllers 21 and 22 are not generally defined, they may be proprietary. You can use MIDI Translator to filter out these unwanted messages (MT *is* a MIDI filter). For each unwanted message, create a Translator with the respective MIDI message as Incoming message. Then select "none" as Outgoing. You need to activate Midi Thru in the Options menu to pass thru all other MIDI messages.

MIDI routing: In the MIDI playback program, select Yoke 1 as output. In MT, select Yoke 1 as MIDI Input. Select the synthesizer as MIDI Ooutput in MT.

Hope it'll work!

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