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Bome MIDI Guitar

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:19 am
by JacobiusWrex
Hey guys

Just wanted to show off my latest versions of my Bome controlled MIDI Guitar. It has quite the suite of control over Reason 9 and it looks pretty cool :D I've spent quite a while digging through these forums to figure stuff out. I am currently working to incorporate a POE Bomebox mounted on the back of the guitar to reduce USB cable annoyances.

Newest version

Older version

Re: Bome MIDI Guitar

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:15 am
by florian
Hi JacobiusWrex,
that is truely awesome. Stuff like that makes my day! Now I'm ready to hear some music on that machine!

Just a question out of curiosity: in a diagram shown in the video, you show Copperlan for connecting MT Pro to Reason. I was not aware of such a use case. Can't you just use Bome's virtual MIDI ports there?

I've seen you've signed up with patreon, but do you also have a system for one-time donations?

Last, but not least, would it be OK to post this video (or one with the BomeBox??) on our social media channels?


Re: Bome MIDI Guitar

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:20 am
by JacobiusWrex
Thanks a lot Florian

It's very cool for me to hear your positive feedback. Thank you.
Yes I have no problem if you feature the video go ahead and use it!

I have spent quite a lot of time in 2016 working on this Bome setup and now that it is at this stage, I really want to switch my focus over to creating music with it for 2017. There are still many problems and ideas I have to make it cooler and more powerful but I feel like I can keep coming up with those ideas easily and have spent possibly too much time already just working on the function without learning to play it!!

I still haven't combed through to split up the I/O to actually incorporate the Bomebox as you suggested. I am very excited to have only one cable, and I trust the Rj-45 to stay connected much better than a USB cable. Another problem I haven't dealt with yet about incorporating the Bomebox is that I have some keyboard/mouse translators (for control of Reason) nested in presets that would also need to be rethought and reimplemented, which then means more presets for communication between the program on the bomebox on the guitar, and the program on MTP on the PC. I am waiting for a few day pause from my day job that I can feel comfortable maybe to take on this task as it is kind of overwhelming me right now to work on after I come home from work each day.

I am basically only using copperlan for it's virtual ports, it comes with I believe 30-something virtual ports and a very easy GUI for routing them across networks (would be amazing to get DEEPER integration with Bomebox btw although I think it will conflict with your pay model!!).
The reason why I do this is a solution I had to come up with for splitting MIDI input into different Reason devices. I need to actually "lock" a control surface (assigned to a virtual port) to a device in the Reason rack in order to exclusively send the Bome switched MIDI streams to the correct device. The way I have it, the first 8 virtual ports that are locked to reason devices are just to get the MIDI into the correct instrument/chorder/arpeggiator and then send it right back out of Reason into Bome to then send that info to the LEDs on the launchpad (this is how I am able to actually get LEDs lighting up in response to arpeggiators and chorders!). That info then goes directly back into Reason on the next 8 virtual MIDI ports to actually once again "lock" to the devices that are actually making sounds. So I have basically decided to reserve Bomes virtual MIDI ports to all my "control" type messages and mappings, while the surplus of ports available in copperlan makes me feel comfortable doing repetitive "lock" type Reason tricks without ever possibly encroaching upon the limits of my Bome ports.
I basically use copperlan as a splitter to send the combined MIDI data of my MIDI guitar pickup and my Launchpad (combined in Bome) all in parallel to Reason. As the program currently functions, there would simply just not be enough virtual ports using only Bome's ports as I have currently "surface locked" 16 different control surfaces (virtual ports) to the devices in the Reason rack. Sorry if I don't explain it clearly, it still confuses me sometimes. ;)

As for the Patreon, I really have no idea what I'm doing, but I figure if I keep trying to learn and keep making progress with this crazy guitar and actually start making cool music/videos, over time it may start to generate income that I can use to pay people to play drums for me, or edit videos for me etc... to increase the quality of the content.

I did never think to set up a place for one time donations, thank you for this suggestion.
I will add this to my youtube and patreon.

Thanks again for your awesome software, it really inspired me that I don't have to learn to really write code like a programmer to create a completely custom MIDI instrument that can control anything. I really believe with MTP, anything is possible!!