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Send a regular clock pulse

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:27 am
by an3
can someone explain to me in simpleton to define rules

i wanna make a start signal from a sequencer start a clock pulse ( A note out) and a sequencer stop signal stop a clock (a note out).

this note is send to a cv gate out for clocking a cv input

Re: dummy to define rule

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:01 pm
by florian
Hi an3,
sorry for the late reply -- not sure you still need help here.

Note MT Pro's terminology: each translation unit is referred to as a Translator. It has an Incoming section where you define which event (e.g. which MIDI message) triggers the Translator. In the Outgoing section, you define the action what happens if the Incoming section matches an incoming event.
And then there is the Rules section, where you can use a simplistic scripting language to do some processing on variables and use "IF...THEN" type of statements to execute the outgoing action or not.

For sending out a regular clock pulse, use MT Pro's timer: in an outgoing action, you can start or stop a timer. Each time a timer fires, a corresponding incoming section is triggered. You can create as many timers as you like, they're identified by a name that you assign.

General scheme:

Code: Select all

Translator 0: start timer
Incoming: MIDI <Note that starts the clock>
Outgoing: start timer "clock", repeat infinitely, 0ms initial delay, 200ms repetition delay

Translator 1: stop timer
Incoming: MIDI <Note that stops the clock>
Outgoing: stop timer "clock"

Translator 2: stop timer
Incoming: timer "clock"
Outgoing: MIDI <clock pulse message>
The 200ms delay is just a guess for the repetition delay. Adjust to your needs.

Hope that helps!

PS: I've also edited the title of this topic