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Playing video games (rocket league) with electronic drum

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Playing video games (rocket league) with electronic drum

Post by TheShowtimeGamers » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:34 pm

Hello everyone,

I recently had the idea to try and play Rocket League on my computer by controlling with my electronic drum for my YouTube channel

My drum is an Alesis dm10x and it is midi compatible

The idea was simple, I wanted to map certain pads on my drum to trigger certain keys (W,A,S,D, LMB,RMB). You will find a screenshot of my Bome setup in the attachments.

So the problem i'm getting is this:

Even if i am able to type W,A,S,D and use the 2 mouse buttons out of the game, once i get in the game these buttons wont work to control the car (they will work in the in-game chat or to click around). The only button that works is the RMB (it is the button to jump in-game) and i think the reason for this is that the jumping action only needs to be pressed once to work (you don't need to hold the RMB to jump). All the other buttons need to be held down to work (Forward, Backwards, Steering, Boost). of course the only switch i have on my drum is my hi-hat pedal (i set the hi-hat to W (forward)) so i thought that if a just kinda hit quickly on my drum pads it would do about the same thing as holding the button.

If anyone knows how I could make this work it would make me very happy!

I know this is a long post but I really need help since i'm a beginner with this program.

Thanks for your time! :D
Bome screeen capture.PNG
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Re: Playing video games (rocket league) with electronic drum

Post by florian » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:38 am

sorry for the late reply. We usually make sure that a post will be handled asap, but we've been swamped for the NAMM music trade show, and Jared had been unavailable, too.

Anyway, fwiw, it may well be the problem of releasing the key too fast. Some games are allergic to that...

So you can try to use "Key stroke down" and "Keystroke up" instead of "text", and delaying the Keystroke up somewhat. for example replace the first "w" translator with these two:

Code: Select all

Translator 0: W down
Incoming: MIDI B9 04 pp
Outgoing: Key down "w"

Translator 1: W up
Incoming: MIDI B9 04 pp
Outgoing: Key up "w", delay by 100ms
You may need to experiment a bit with the Key Up delay.

The delay is only available in the Pro edition.

Hope that works!

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