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Activate preset on application focus and keyboard macro’s

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Activate preset on application focus and keyboard macro’s

Post by satoer » Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:45 pm

I’ve got a few questions regarding Midi translator. I’m running the trial version to test it. It seems to work, but I can’t find some options I really need to make this program usefull.

1: Activate a preset when an application is in the foreground.
I want to translate midi messages from a midi controller to keypresses. But I want to control several programs. And some programs have a native support for the controller. I want the preset only active when a program is active / has focus. Otherwise the presets will intervene with each other. Is this possible without having manually activate / deactivate the preset?

2: Macro’s:
I want to create keyboard macro’s. So several keypresses after each other with the option for a timed delay between the keypresses. I see some “Apple script” option, but I work on windows so that’s not an option.

Or are these options already possible and have I overlooked them?

Cheers Michel.

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Re: Activate preset on application focus and keyboard macro’s

Post by florian » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:23 am

Hi satoer,
thanks for the VERY late reply -- maybe even too late. But we try hard to answer every request but we were swamped in the last weeks.

Currently, MT does not allow differentiating by currently active application. We know it's a problem and will find solutions in the future.
However, there are 2 different ways to accomplish it nonetheless:
On Windows, you can "inject" keys strokes (and mouse events) to an application directly, even if it does not have the focus. The problem is that not all applications expect injected keystrokes and may ignore them. You just need to try...

On macOS, we give you the ability to execute AppleScript. That allows you to send keystrokes from within the AppleScript code and target it directly to an application. For example, do this for copying the currently selected file(s) in Finder:

Code: Select all

tell application "Finder"
   keystroke "C" using command down
end tell
Hope that helps!

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