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My Latest Config

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My Latest Config

Post by sjcaldwell » Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:12 pm


I just achieved what I think was some significantly new functionality for my Alesis VI61 midi controller
using BMT (or bome box). Thought I would share what I did as I'm quite pleased with the results.

The VI61 cannot perform the following in real time

-Change split points
-Change channel output selection
-Change octave at separate split points.

To do the above you have to program a separate preset and switch to that preset (25 presets available).
Unfortunately with the various combinations available, this is just not desirable to me.

So using BMT with Alesis VI61 (and also a Launchpad midi), I have set my configuration up as follows

I set a global split point variable. I set the split point by pressing a key on my VI61 (last note) and then a
button on my launchpad mini.

I clear the split point by setting the split point global variable to 0. Everything then plays on upper only.
I have a button on my LP mini that does this (and also sets octave up/down for everything to 0. More on that

I have different presets for upper and lower that look at the split point and check the global variable
to determine if the input note should be passed through or aborted.

I have two global channel variables (one for upper and the other for lower). They are each bitmap
with bit 0=midi channel 1 and bit 15 = midi channel 16. I use buttons on either my LP Mini or my VI61
to enable or disable a given channel for that split section. This way I can broadcast on my channel(s)
of choice for either upper or lower section.

I can also set octave up or down using the LP Mini for either upper or lower section with indicators for
showing if transpose is up or down or neither.

I also have the following buttons/indicators that I use for various functions on my LP Mini.

Leslie Fast Slow - One for Nord (red), One for Hammond (amber) and one for Korg (green)

I have a FCB 1010 foot controller and can use BMT to take generic messages from that to perform various
functions. I use BMT (or BomeBox) for the heavy lifting.

On my LP Mini, I can assign each of the two FCB1010 foot controller expression pedals for the various devices separately.
I can also program each expression pedal for various CC# sends (since all of my devices don't use the same

I can select which device the FCB 1010 sends program changes to.
I can select (FCB) damper pedal assignment for my Nord (sustain, latch, soft, gate)
I can select bank switches (right now just bank 0 and 1) on any device from my FCB1010

The list goes on. I work on enhancements (and bug fixes) almost daily although I think I need to
take more time to actually play my instruments. Programming BMT can be quite addicting.

I'm attaching my current bmtp file for anyone that is interested and wants to borrow ideas or
suggest improvement.

I think that the main things people might be able to use

- See how global variable bit mapping and manupulation works
- Give ideas on how to program Launchpad devices

I sprinkled comments throughout the file to help me keep things straight. It is possible some comments
are dated however so beware.

Enjoy fellow geeks (and non-geeks)!

My Devices

-FCB-1010 Foot controller
-Alesis VI 61 Midi controller
-Nord Stage 2 EX Compact
-Hammond SK2 Organ
-Korg Triton Extreme 61 Workstation
-Roland A300-Pro Midi controller (don't really use much but it is there if I need it. Just not enough
-IConnect Midi4 Controller with USB Hub
-Bome Box
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Re: My Latest Config

Post by CreepyPants » Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:56 am

Never thought of doing this but I can think of a bazillion opportunities to use it.

Bookmarking for playing with once I get current projects down.
nom nom nom

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Re: My Latest Config

Post by florian » Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:20 am

Hi sjcaldwell,
thanks for sharing and explaining! I'm sure it'll be of use for many other MT users!

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