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Using MT and Tranzport to override only certain keys

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Using MT and Tranzport to override only certain keys

Post by magog » Sun Nov 06, 2005 10:26 pm

I'm using Tranzport with Cubase (natvie mode) and I wanted to remap FF and RW, but nothing else. I want everything else on the Tranzport to stay the same.

I made a mapping in MT to intercept Tranzport's FF and RW MIDI messages and send keyboard shortcuts to Cubase. Here's the exported INI file:

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    Name0=Fast Forward
    Incoming0=MID1 90 5C 00
    Incoming1=MID1 90 5B 00
The problem is that now only the FF and RW buttons work in Cubase. All other buttons and knobs on the Tranzport have no effect.

I'm using the following settings:

MIDI IN: Tranzport
MIDI OUT: Tranzport
Midi Thru: enabled

Am I missing something? Is this kind of thing supposed to work?


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Post by florian » Wed Nov 16, 2005 12:31 pm

Hi Michael,

your setup is correct, but incomplete. In order that all other MIDI messages reach Cubase, you need to route them from MT to Cubase using a virtual MIDI port. A quick guide for a virtual MIDI port can be found here:

Then, select the virtual MIDI port as MIDI OUT in MT and enable the Midi Thru option.

Hope that you'll make it work!

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