Reason 3 recording issue


2005-10-08 22:37:16

I really need help. I like this prog very much but I just cant figure out how to record notes when I play them on a keyboard. I mean, setup is functioning but when I hit record and bang out keys it just doesnt record a thing. Btw. I have the sound and everything. Piano roll remains empty. Help would be appreciated. Thanx in advance.


2005-10-18 13:45:32


you probably miss a connection, or mark the track for recording or so. Maybe browse Reason's manual, or ask in a Reason forum. Once you hear Reason's sounds by playing on the Mouse Keyboard, it is as if you play on any other MIDI keyboard that is connected to the computer.

Regards and good luck!


2005-10-23 00:13:27

First of all, thanks for reply. I do mark the record icon on the left for a selected device but it just doesnt record a thing. Btw. your programing is excellent. Its very user friendly unlike other software of this kind. Im sorry for not being able to pay for this program because I live in a country where every day is a struggle. I mean, I work a whole day for like 11 €. Hope U understand.


2006-03-22 05:05:53

Oh my, an OLD question... well, just in case...

In addition to marking the track for recording, one should also toggle the recording button on the Reason Transport panel (the bottom of the Reason window) and then press the PLAY button.

I'm not saying you forgot that. But in case you did, maybe this helps :)