problem with midi


2005-09-07 20:20:46

I used Mouse keyboard perfect with reason 3 and samplitude. But I had some problems with reason (not with midi) and I uninstalled it . After that I installed reason 2.5 and now I can`t connect the midi, neither with samplitude nor with reason.
I reinstalled the drivers, the programs, but there is no result..


2005-09-07 23:19:16

Reason 2.5 works a little differently in how it handles MIDI. See the tutorial for Reason 2.5:

Hope that'll fix it!


2005-09-08 10:39:41

Do you think that I didn`t read this tutorial?! :lol:


2005-09-08 17:25:34

sorry - of course I assumed that you read the tutorial. But I didn't know if you were aware that there are 2 different tutorials for Reason 2.5 and for Reason 3.0.
Are you sure that Yoke works? You can use Bome's SendSX ( ) to test the virtual MIDI connection: Select Yoke1 as output in Midi Translator, select Yoke1 as INPUT in SendSX. Now you should see numbers appear in the incoming field in SendSX when you play in Mouse Keyboard.

Good luck!


2006-02-05 19:10:47

hey guys I fixed the problem Ive made the stupid mistake to mess out and in...
however, I was using this keyboard driver successfully nearly half an year, but I installed it now on an another PC and I have problem with samplitde when I play the recorded midi it plays an awful noise.. I have a lovely ac 97 :) thanks again