Improvement in Octave changing...


2005-08-03 20:37:52

Hi, I'm glad you accepted the mouse-wheel mod. That's gonna be awesome.

I have a new suggestion.

One of the biggest problems playing synths with a computer keyboard is of course the scale limit... You are limited to 2 octaves.

The F3 and F4 short-keys are great and what I'd like to change is:

When you change the octave, it cuts the note you are holding down.
It would be great if while changing the octave the note held continued (at the same pitch), and only the next note played get shifted.

Another thing...

The way I have set up my Sonar, I use a bunch of different VSTs to make a single patch... They are various layers thick.

I then assign every sound I want played in a single patch to listen to a specific Channel from MK... That way, when I want to change a patch I then actually change channel. It would also be nice if there were some hotkeys for channels.

I thought maybe I could assign from F5-F12 but they are reserved for snapshots. Maybe these keys should be user assignable since every different player will have his/her specific needs. Oh, the note holding would be cool in this case too... Meaning, if I change a channel the note I was holding continues in the last channel and only the next note I play gets sent through the new ch. This feature is essential for playing something live (a video for example), it permits us to stay ahead on the playing...

Hope any of this helps, dunno if it is possible though.


Thiago Campos.


2006-07-28 19:19:47

Also-For octave switching it would be nice to have different octave for the lower and upper side of keyboard,like in cakewalk 6 (i guesss...)Vpiano(discontinued for xp).
Ex,QWERTY... set to c4....up, and ZSXDCVGBHNJ TO C2....up,on the fly.
This would be lush,a difference of ,say,2 octaves between some nice pad sounds is so cool,c2-c5,with 2 fingers,ace...
MK -Coolest app ,toghether with MT.


2006-08-22 17:30:45

great suggestions. I'll add them to the request list.