Some things...


2006-12-13 15:03:16

Hi, great app from you...

Help me if you add more than twenty customizable knobs, such as one fifty or more...with custom hotkeys please!!!

It would be good if Bome´s to support NPRNs sends, not only continuous controlers, 'cause in Sonar, VSTis show his controlers names in NPRN list...

Other thing: one "all note off" button or key. It´s similar like a Panic button, but the Panic button is not going well (hangs the sound of the synth used in sonar!!)

And for the last thing, if you add more various levels of velocities (like pressing shift "level") with custom keys, going like sensitivity keyboard.

Thank you very much!!
Victor (sorry my bad english, i´m from Argentina!).


2006-12-14 17:32:59

thanks for the great suggestions. I've added them to the feature request list.



2006-12-20 17:04:19

Hi. You add Maybe use a knob, mousewheel, etc. in More levels of volcity feature request list. :oops:

Please i want to use a shift or alt or ctrl or combination, etc, keys for this. :mrgreen:

example: level 1: shift: 33 velocity
level 2: alt : 70 velocity
level 3: ctrl : 105
level 4: normal (unpress) 127

It's like a current version of Bome's keyboard with the shift function but levels keys plus.


And add a hold/unhold function key to free fingers velocity level mantain, please.

Thanks. Víctor.


2007-01-02 16:54:33

I've added your new requests to the list. Thanks and happy NEw Year!