How to run Bome's Mouse Keyboard for Reason 3?


2005-07-27 08:56:13

I am trying to install Bome's Mouse Keyboard to control Reason 3 by following the tutorial however when I downloaded and installed MouseKeyboardReason3Integration1.0.exe I cannot start Bome's Mouse Keyboard. There is no .exe file to run the program, there is only installation guide and uninstall located in my start menu and in C:\Program Files\Bome's Mouse Keyboard\Reason Integration there is no file to start the program only the uninstall files and tutorial guide, styles.css, and images folder.

When following the tutorial I can complete set 3 which sets up Bome's Mouse Keyboard in Reason by adding it as a control surface; which indicates that Mouse Keyboard Reason 3 Integration program is installed.

Am I missing something here? I did exactly as the installation guide and tutorials indicate. How do I start this program? I dont mean to be stupid here, since I am a fairly good computer guy.


2005-07-27 09:47:29

Hi FuzzyChicken,
you've only installed the Reason integration kit, not Mouse Keyboard itself. Please download version 2.00 beta 6 here: