How do I mute Bome's MK w/o muting Reason 5


2013-01-12 18:56:41

Hi Community,

I'm having trouble with Bome's Mouse Keyboard. I'm using the virtual keyboard and LoopBe1 driver and linking it to Reason 5. Everything works great, except I get both the sound from Reason and the piano sound of the Virtual Keyboard. How do I mute the sound of the keyboard, so that I can just hear the sound from Reason?

Thank You,


2013-05-25 11:10:08

interesting question. Mouse Keyboard does not play anything on its own. It only plays whatever MIDI OUT you've selected in the menu. There is only one MIDI OUT possible, so I wonder what's happening. Maybe you've selected a MIDI THRU or so in Reason that relays the notes to another piano synthesizer?