2006-11-15 13:55:06

Is there any patches for the program?
I dont use MK when i make music, I just play with in school when I dont have anything else to do!

I'm starting to get borded with the pianosound... is there any 80's synthsound? or something else?


2006-11-16 09:11:48


there are 2 options:

- change the "program" should change the sound
- in Mouse Keyboard 2: load a patch set (menu Patches|Choose Patch Set) and go to the "Patch Scripts" subfolder of the installation directory of Mouse Keyboard. Then you can choose an instrument by name in the Patches menu.



2006-11-16 09:14:10

where can i find these patches? i dont have anyone of these on my computer.


2006-11-16 09:41:43

Actually the sounds are provided by your synthesizer, usually Microsoft's software synthesizer delivered with DirectSound, or the synthesizer built into your soundcard. You can use the "program" up/down control to change that program, it's usually a General MIDI set:
You can use Shift+PageUp/Shift+PageDown keys to change the program.

Mouse Keyboard version 2 implements Cubase's patch set system, so that you can select the instruments by their actual name. A standard installation of Mouse Keyboard 2 beta 6 will install this file:
"C:\Program Files\Bome's Mouse Keyboard\Patch Scripts\gm names.txt"
Open that file with the menu "Patches|Choose Patch Set...". Now the Patch listbox should list all the General MIDI names.
You can use PageUp/PageDown to change the current patch.

Does that work now?