dual-manual graphics


2006-10-29 22:22:21

I'd like to see the keyboard graphic display two manuals (like in an organ). The keys displayed are exactly the ones available from the keyboard.

You could then (optionally) extend the idea of the two scrolling arrows to four (two on each side). The leftmost arrow moves the MIDI-value of the Q (or Z) key down one octive; the arrow just to the right moves the MIDI-value of the corresponding manual down one semi-tone. The two on the right side do the same thing but move the MIDI-value up.

I play from the keyboard, but I like to have the visual reference/confirmation of the display. This tells me immedately what the "Q" and "Z" notes are as well as confirming each key press.

It would be really, really cool if you could make the graphic keyboard both "always on top" and semi-transparent. That way, I could leave it on the screen but still see what my application was showing me below it. This would work perfectly in Project5, which has panels I rarely click on but want to be able to see.

Thanks for making such a great, pro-level program available!


2006-10-31 14:29:04


thanks for the great suggestions. I'll ad them to the feature request list.


Ted Williamson

2006-11-08 22:29:57

I too would like to have the application show more than one keyboard. Currently, I open five instances of the application so I see the keys go up and down on my organ while I play midi files from Cakewalk.

I use midi ox to send just the midi channel that I want for each keyboard. Otherwise, I get an omni keyboard that shows all notes from all keyboards.

I need the application to show all five keyboards in one window. The keyboard closest to the bottom of the screen needs to be really wide to show the 32-note pedalboard and the other keyboards are all 61 notes.




2006-11-10 11:11:35

OK, it's getting more complicated! Maybe it would be nice to have a variable number of keyboards? I'll add it to the feature request list.


Ted Williamson

2006-11-10 18:33:08

Thanks Florian,
You are the best!!!