How do i Assign Sounds?


2012-10-19 15:33:17

First post, Thanks for your help!

I am newborn fresh at making my own beats and i found out about this site after a few days of Google Searching. I like to make beats for fun. Something i have heard of and what i am aiming to do is use my keyboard that i am typing to you on right now as something that i can assign a "sound" to so when i hit the key, it shows up on ACID Pro 8.0.

I have sort of figured out how to do it with the Keyboard Mouse and MIDI Translator but im not sure i'm doing it right. When i go to the Prefereces and then the MIDI tab, It doesnt show the BOMES Device,...

Not sure if im making sense but it think you know what im talking about. Is there some kind of How-To or something around on the interwebz?