Bome's Mouse Keyboard (Gush)


2012-09-03 18:18:30

Hey I just started learning music recently and I just gotta tell you guys that this Mouse Keyboard has been an outstanding learning tool! (I don't know if this is the right place to post this BTW) But I tried out the demo and I was blown away with how everything is right there and it how it was so well created! So much experienced thought was put into it's design and it's really helped me on my quest. Totally worth the $27. Thanks guys, I'll definitely be checking out your other products in the near future!


2012-09-05 22:06:24

hi, great to hear! Thanks, Florian


2012-10-01 05:46:03

I totally agree with you. It has been very helpful since working on music industry needs software like this. Image