No output driver/device found


2012-07-02 19:06:24


New user here and I am probably breaking the rules here but I am using the BMK on trial version to see how it works with reason 5 so maybe that doesn't qualify me for help. Anyways, I have installed several different virtual midi routers(drivers) and none of them appear in the output or input menu of BMK. I have gone into device manager and see that the computer see's them and there is no exclamation point proving that they are all working correctly.

I'm somewhat computer savy and have done searches regarding this problem but can't get any further. I've tried sonycreativesoftware, midi yoke, and nothing. Any ideas where to start? Really eager to see how it work with reason.

Thanks for your help.


2012-11-21 01:01:48

Hi, have you ever been able to resolve this?