Can't get MK working


2006-09-22 13:41:17

I have followed the tutorial
- installed midi yoke
- installed mouse keyboard
- installed reason integration files
- set up the MK
- and i set up the preferences in reason 3

But now, when i press any key on the virtual keyboard nothing happens. At least, reason doesn't seem to react to it. I can't play any notes or melodies.

Do you maybe know what the problem might be????

It used to work before, but after i reinstalled windows, it doesn't any more!

Please help me out!!


2006-09-25 11:14:20

Hmmm, I don't have any idea.

First, you should make sure that MIDI is actually going from MK to Reason. Do Reason's MIDI indicators light up when you press a key on Mouse Keyboard? Can you get a connection from MK to a different MIDI program, e.g. Bome's SendSX -- ?

Then you should check if Reason makes any noise at all. Particularly important is the "play in background" or whatever it's called checkbox.

Let us know if you find what the problem was.



2006-09-27 12:07:12


Thanks for your quick respons. Some how my roommate managed to make MK work with reason again! It strangely doesn't respond to the sendSX but I can record melodies again and play with MK. Happy Happy Joy Joy :)

Thanks again Florian!