auto restart


2010-11-20 04:46:15

when i click on the "bome's mouse keyboard" icon on my desktop, it automatically reboots my computer ...instantly.
it worked great for about 3 days, then it just started crashing my computer.
i am using it with midi yoke and reason 4.0 on xp pro.
i tried uninstalling/reinstalling it, with no luck.
i tried opening reason first, and then mouse keyboard, and vice-versa ...again with no luck.
reason 4.0 works fine, with or without it installed.
i have all the patches and drivers set correctly.
i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



2011-11-03 21:53:00

maybe try a different virtual MIDI port than Yoke? We've had other reports that Yoke caused a crash.