using x-y controller as pitchbender


2010-10-28 17:05:34

Hello there,
First of all, let me compliment you for this wonderful program and the easy to use interface. There are so many freewares like MJOY, VMIDIJOY etc. - but can't get to setting up the application. But this is not the case with " mouse keyboard".
I was successful assigning the x-y axis on my games pad as pitchbender. But I was not happy with the result. the pitchbender would suddenly raise the note up and down , by moving the x-y axis on my gamespad. I want it to function like a real one , where the pitch will rise smoothly depending on the speed with which I turn up and down. Is it possible to raise the pitch up and down smoothly with the games pad x-y axis ? :?


2011-09-14 22:01:11

Hi, it should not be jumpy (it does not here)... have you calibrated your game pad? you can do so in the control panel.