Stay on top options


2010-10-21 15:47:30

Hello dear all
I was wondering, nobody talks about it, but it seems the "stay on top" option does not work
I mean, there is no difference with/without this option = if Bome's MK window is not active (front), it does not receive the keyboard or mouse actions

or am i missing something?
I tried with different app, reaper, ableton & so on.....Is it possible MK to receive keyboard/mouse action when is in background ?
(pleaaaaase tell me yes it is over extra imprtant and would make a lot of plaisir/hotness/smiles/happyness)
thanks for this app Florian


2011-11-03 21:52:10

hi, currently it does not work when in background, sorry! Also, the Stay On Top option used to work, not sure what's happening.
Will look into this.



2011-11-04 12:03:09

Hi!!yoo good!
Look this winter, it will be rainy, maybe snowing outside...too good to stay at home & improve MK...i'm glad to be offering you this opportuniyt;)

No sincerely it would be fantastic, make a sign when/if you wish to improve it.


2012-06-16 14:41:39


There is a solution, cannot describe you the exact process, but I remember doing it with other software that kept BK lightened even if in background. Will check if i can find more details