Sony MIDI driver not install in Windows 7


2010-06-05 16:50:39

can anyone help?

I have cakewalk sequencing software but no midi keyboard yet - I would like to use my laptop keyboard to punch in notes until I can get a MIDI keyboard (which im bidding on in eBay)

I followed a guide on Youtube that uses sony midi router software but the install of driver doesnt work in windows 7, it says "error occurred, file could not be found" but the 3 files are there that come with it..??

is there anyway I can make MK communicate with cakewalk SONAR 8 as a midi kb?

many thanks :D


2012-02-13 02:39:45



2012-02-13 23:16:16

The LoopBE driver should work fine on Windows 7.
Bome also has an own virtual MIDI driver, but it's not yet integrated into MK.