Help - MouseKeyboard with ACID PRO 7 IN WINDOWS VISTA


2010-05-03 23:28:32

Dear Sirs, I have ACID PRO 7 and downloaded the MouseKeyboard and also downloaded the MIDI VIRTUAL ROUTER in two versions, NT and ME, but I can not install any of the two drivers in WINDOWS VISTA PREMIUM, every time I try to install the drivers manually, when it arrives at the installation, the wizard tells me the driver file not found ??? Will the .Inf file is specified with some wrongly ??? Is there any way to install these routes in order to use MouseKyboard in WINDOWS VISTA TOGETHER WITH ACID PRO 7 ? the MouseKeyboard software is working perfectly in standalone mode in VISTA. I would buy the MouseKeyboard but would like to see him working together with ACID PRO. Thank you and waiting an answer soon.


2010-05-19 16:40:16

sorry, this seems to be a problem with the virtual MIDI driver. Please consult with the manufacturer of the virtual MIDI driver.