Midi Controller velocity.


2005-05-11 21:13:54

I have a Studiologic TMK 88. It has four velocity layers, meaning the softer I press the key the quieter the sound. The problem is that I have to literally beat the keys to get the default sound. Meaning the loudest velocity is the computer default. This causes a problem because I can't play the keyboard comfortably. Is there anyway to disable using velocity layers and play only the computer default or is there anyway to change the midi controller velocity layers?

Thanks, George


2005-05-12 11:04:30

Hi George,

you can use Bome's Midi Translator for that.

Select the TMK88 as MIDI Input. Select a virtual MIDI port (e.g. Midi Yoke 1) as MIDI Output.

Just create 2 Translators like this:

90 oo 00 -> 90 oo 00
90 oo pp -> 90 oo 7F

Make sure to not check "Output input signal" and to check "stop processing" for both translators.

In the program where you want to receive the filtered TMK88 signals, select the virtual MIDI port as input (e.g. Midi Yoke 1).



2005-05-12 19:54:50

Thanks, I got it to work, but I am still trying to understand computers better. Good programs, I have used Mouse Keyboard about two years. I should probably study this more before I ask this question, is there anyway to control the midi controller velocity levels? All I need to know right now is a yes or no. Not how to do it. There are four of them on the Studiologic TMK 88.



2005-05-12 22:50:46

yes, the 3rd hexadecimal number is the velocity (i.e. the "pp" in the 2nd translator). So you can create translators to modify the velocity.



2005-06-28 08:39:38


Is it possible to add lets say +60 to your velocity with the program? I have a similar problem with my midi keyboard, I would want the sound to soften just a little bit when it isn't beaten.

Also, a velocity knob to MouseKeyboard would be handy. :wink:


2005-07-03 07:12:15

Currently, Midi Translator does not allow expressions like
90 oo pp -> 90 oo (pp+60)

But a future version is currently in progress which allows that.

A velocity knob would be handy indeed, I'll put that on the feature request list (see Mouse Keyboard Feature Request List).