I get only a flat noise


2006-08-03 23:32:39


I just installed the mouse keyboard to be used with Reason 3.0. The problem is that when I choose any MIDI Yoke out port, I only get a flat noise at Reason, ever the same short & ugly sound, doesn't matter which key I press.

I I choose Midi Mapper output, then it sounds fine, but is of course not redirected to Reason.

I've uninstalled and installed again, with the same result.

Any suggestion? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your support!


2006-08-22 17:38:33


sorry for the late reply (I was on vacation). Hopefully you've resolved your problem by now? Otherwise it's difficult to help -- it's working fine on my computer. Have you followed closely the tutorial?

Otherwise you may have better luck on a Reason forum.