Virtual MIDI keyboard & Wheel & Pedals


2009-08-15 14:51:45


First of all - thank you for this amazing prog! It helped me so much!

Second: Sorry for my bad english - I'm russian and not very good with learning languages! :oops:

I have a some (maybe difficult to implement but very, very useful) feature request:
I want to use pedals from my Logitech Wingman Formula wheel. I know I can map some joystick axis to some MIDI controller knob, but there is "one tiny little problem" (not one in fact but two):
1. I can only map both pedals as a single axis (Joystick 0 Up/Down)
2. I can't map any pedal in separate axises mode at all. :cry:
Oh! And 3. When pedals are mapped in single axis mode, I can't use sustain controller normally cause it always ON! And when I press BRAKE pedal it is off! (It's logical because in single axis mode when no pedals pressed it's the MIDDLE position of the controller (no accel & no brakes) )

It would be great if in next version of MK it will be possible to map ANY Joystick/Whell/Rudder/(I don't know else what) axis/button to any of the MIDI controllers.

Thank you and best regards!
Alexey Maslov.


2009-08-23 02:47:00

Still no answer?! :(



Anybody home? :|


2009-09-07 22:53:00

Hi Serratus,

thanks for the friendly request. Sorry for the late reply.
Currently, we don't have plans to work on the joystick support in MK. Problem is, the API that we use for the joystick doesn't allow more axises and buttons. So the whole program needed to be changed to support all functions of your wheel.



2009-09-08 22:27:39

At last! :)

Well... It's a pity but no offence at all. :) I was just wondering why this feature was missing from the beginning.

Hmh... This means that I still need to buy me a decent MIDI pedals.

Thanks for the answer! :) Better later than never!