Live 8 Bomes UC33e issue.


2009-08-01 12:51:49

Hi guys,

I'm running Bomes Pro on my Mac with Ableton Live 8 and I've played around with creating a DJ template and midi keystrokes with Bomes etc. Everything works fine and sends as it should, however I have noticed that whilst Bomes is running, my knob controls on the Uc33e, especially for L/M/H ranges don't match up on screen to the LCD screen. That goes for all the knob values to be honest.

For example, on the low filter, minimum is 0 and maximum is set to 127. When moving the rotary controller, the Tarekith EQ 3.8 v2 the values gradually change from one another. On the uc33e, the reading is 47 whereas in Ableton on EQ3.8 v2 it's 64. It appears to do this for everything, yet when I turn Bomes off, it works perfectly fine.

Can anyone help with what the potential problem may be? It's driving me insane


2009-08-05 06:15:23

Have I posted this in the wrong forum?


2009-09-07 22:05:42

Hi ausbacker,

sorry that nobody got back to you. Are you running any value translations? MT's powerful translation engine allows all sorts of different transforms and calculations on values for a rotary encoder or other MIDI knob. Though, sometimes they're not needed!

Can you just copy/paste your preset here? (it works to just select all traslators, use the copy function in Midi Translator, and then paste into this forum).