using a typing keyboard as a piano


2009-07-19 18:06:32


I am aware that there is nothing that can "replace" an actual keyboard, but what are some tips for those who want to use their typing keyboard exclusively to come up with tunes? For me, the hardest part of using a typing keyboard in place of a standard musical one is the layout of the actual keys in relation to the keys on a typing keyboard. Notes appear to be "scattered" across a typing keyboard compared to a musical keyboard. On a musical keyboard the notes are respectively ordered in ascending/descending order relative to pitch * sorry if I may have not said that right".

I would like to know how I can 'easily" ( for lack of better term) come up with chords, and have "order" on my typing keyboard in respect to a musical keyboard.

Thanks for your time.


2009-07-22 23:42:29

Hi Donny,

Mouse Keyboard uses a fixed layout using the 4 rows of keys as black keys (with blanks in between some), followed by white keys, then black and last row is whites again.

Other than that I can't help you much, I guess...