just what the heck am i doin wrong?


2006-07-25 04:53:18

i downloaded the demo, looks great, if i can get this to start working and enjoy it, i will buy it..

i'm using nuendo 3, i followed the instructions on the cubase tutorial using the midi windows xp cable driver...

created a midi track, and opened up kontakt 2 as my sampler...on the midi track when i click E, i selected the first midi input in the first box, and below where it says *not connected* i select kontakt 2..

i've tried switching around everything, i cant get mouse keyboard to trigger anything in kontakt

please help.


2006-07-25 08:03:29

I'm not sure what could be wrong... Can you play other instruments in Nuendo? Can you record MIDI events? Will Nuendo produce any sound if MK is activated?

Maybe someone else here has better suggestions. Or you may try on a forum specific to Nuendo...

Good luck,


2006-07-25 08:42:08



2006-07-25 08:50:24

i had an epiphany... just a few moments ago..

after sitting hea stoned..

when i came to the realization i smacked my forehead and enabled the monitering switch.


iz finna be on..

lemme work with this for a moment this is neat..