control reason 4 patch selection from MK


2009-06-11 05:58:45


Great software but I have one issue. How do you control reason 4 synth patch/bank selections from MK while you are playing the keyboard. Right now its difficult to browse and find the patch you like without going back and forth between the MK and Reason windows.



2009-06-11 06:59:31

Maybe everyone figured it out as I dont see any posts on this so I may be the only rookie here lol but I incase anyone wants to know how to get around it is you can use remote override in Reason. These settings will be saved with your song btw, its not a global setting.

If anyone has a better solution please let me know, but this works great for now.


2009-06-15 10:49:15

if you cannot make Reason understand Program Change messages (MIDI Learn?), I don't see a way how to do this. Hmmm, maybe the controller setup file can be modified? I'm not enough of a Reason expert though. Maybe you have better luck on a Reason forum?